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Besides scanning to a Windows folder structure, Microsoft SharePoint or another document management system, DigiDocFlow also enables users to scan and email documents directly from an MFP. With our update of version 3, besides emailing from an MFP, DigiDocFlow can now also synchronize with your email client. After scanning, DigiDocFlow converts the document into a text searchable PDF file which is then attached to an email and sent to your email contact with the press of a single button! A copy of the email is automatically stored in the "Sent items" folder of your email client (for example, Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook). DigiDocFlow's update offers users the opportunity to monitor all sent emails and manage a comprehensive email archive.

In addtion, it now possible to capture content from any email account (SMTP enabled) into a workflow process, which can be either an attachment or the body of an email. DigiDocFlow can process the attachment and the body of the email into all output formats that are available.

To benefit from total email synchronization, an authentication process is necessary. After authentication on a Ricoh Family Group multifunctional device, a user obtains access to a personal scan menu. From here, the user is able to scan documents and send them directly to an email address. As DigiDocFlow has access to all necessary details, the user does not have to enter this information manually. Using the integrated LDAP connector, a user can simply browse through a company’s address book to find and select the contact they wish to email.

For example:
Susan walks up to an MFP to scan and email a document. After logging on using her unique User ID, her personal scan menu and user name appear on the display. Using a hot button, Susan chooses the workflow 'scan to colleague via email' and retrieves her colleague's email address from the company's address book. After scanning, DigiDocFlow converts the document into a text searchable PDF file which is attached to the email and is sent with the press of a button. Once Susan returns to her personal computer, she can see the sent email, including the attached PDF, in the "Sent items" folder of her email client.

Although user-authentication offers increased efficiency, it is not compulsory. Without the use of authentication, users can still scan a document and send it directly to an email address. Simply select the correct workflow and enter all required details, such as the subject and the recipient's email address. Press the green button and DigiDocFlow will automatically email the scanned document to the appropriate contact.

Scan and email in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Pre-define workflow

Step 1: Pre-define workflow
Log on and place the document you want to email on the multifunction printer. Choose the predefined workflow using the hot buttons, and enter all necessary details.
Step 2: Select contact

Step 2: Select contact
DigiDocFlow displays a list of all email addresses stored in your address book. Select the person to whom you want to send a document, by live browsing through the list.
Step 3: Send email

Step 3: Send email
Finally, enter a file name. After pressing 'Scan', the document is instantly scanned, converted into a text searchable PDF file that is attached to an email and sent to the selected person.

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